Introducing the Beyond Devices Podcast

If you’re a regular reader of the Beyond Devices blog, first of all thank you! I appreciate your interest, and hope you find reading what I post here useful and interesting. I also regularly appear with other members of the Techpinions team on our weekly podcast, and absolutely plan to keep doing that.

However, a friend and I often have conversations about Apple, and I’ve always found his perspective really interesting. Aaron Miller used to blog about iMovie, and as a result was asked to co-write the iMovie: The Missing Manual books with David Pogue. Aaron is also a long-term Apple fan and watcher, and actually brings a longer history to this topic than my own (my focus on Apple began rather later, in the early 2000s). He often knows interesting tidbits of history and so on which I don’t, and I always find his ideas thought provoking and refreshing. So the two of us have decided to start a podcast, which is called simply the Beyond Devices Podcast and hosted at a subdomain of this site ( as well as SoundCloud and iTunes, which will likely focus largely on Apple itself. Our first episode is up now, and previews next week’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. Next week, we’ll focus on the biggest announcements from WWDC in episode 2.

I invite you to listen to the first episode and, if you like what you hear, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud, or your favorite podcasting software, and share it with your friends and colleagues. And we certainly invite your feedback too. Thanks again for your interest in the blog, and I hope you enjoy the podcast too.

  • jwan584

    Sweet! Looking forward to listening.