Techpinions post: potential acquisitions for Apple, Google and Microsoft

This week’s Techpinions column was prompted by a tweet from Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch, who asked which companies Apple, Google and Microsoft should acquire next. I fired off a quick response, but decided that this would make an interesting post in its own right, and spent some more time drawing up a list. I also added Amazon to the list of potential acquirers just for fun. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Apple – Bose, Broadcom’s baseband business, Yelp
  • Google – Spotify, Jawbone/Fitbit/Withings, Pinterest
  • Microsoft – Here, Foursquare, Everpix/Picturelife
  • Amazon – Hulu, Pandora, Etsy/Shopify.

You can read the full post, which includes my rationale behind each of these choices, over on Techpinions.