Techpinions Insiders post on Mozilla, Google and Apple

Going forward, while I’ll continue to post regularly here, I’ll also be contributing increasingly to the Techpinions Insiders service, which is a subscription-based offering that complements the publicly-available content on Techpinions. Right now it’s $5 per month, and subscribers get lots of extra content for that $5. I highly recommend subscribing.

My first post for the service is a quick take on the news from yesterday that Mozilla is switching its default search engine for Firefox from Google to Yahoo, ending a long-standing relationship. I examine the key data around both search engine and browser market share, as well as the changing economics of Google’s search business, and I also talk about Apple’s slow and subtle move away from Google for search. I encourage you to go take a look (individual pieces may be read for a micropayment of 25 cents).

Oh, and I also have my regular weekly post on Techpinions today, which is about the various lenses through which one can see Google, and the implications.