Spending your end of year budget

I try to avoid being overly self-promotional in my writing here – I know readers don’t come to be sold to, and I try to write to capture your interest rather than your dollars. But I do run a business, while blogging here and elsewhere is mostly just an outlet for my thoughts and a way of advertising my wares. As such, I wanted to do a quick end-of-year post reminding you all of what I do for my day job, and provide you with opportunities to turn your interest in what I do here into support for the business that pays my bills. I’m somewhat facetiously titling this post “Spending your end of year budget” as a reference to the fact that I know some companies take a “spend it or lose it” approach to budgets, and at this time of year companies are sometimes looking for ways to spend the last of what they have for the year.

With all that said, here’s a brief list of paid products and services I provide through my firm, Jackdaw Research:

  • Research subscriptions: I offer an annual subscription to my research reports, which includes in-depth profiles on major tech companies, equally in-depth reports on market trends, occasional one-offs and series of reports on other topics, and quarterly decks on major market sectors. The price for major tech companies is $20,000 per year, but I offer substantial discounts for smaller companies, so please get in touch if you’re interested in this option.
  • One-off reports: two of my previous reports are available for one-off purchase through the company website. The Apple profile is available here, and the smartwatches report is available here. Each report is $500, and there’s a Buy Now button on each of those pages, where you can buy the report through Paypal (using a credit card or a Paypal account). A third report – my recent one on the State of Windows Phone – is available for free here.
  • Custom presentations: these can be delivered in-person or over the phone. One presentation I’ve delivered a lot in recent months is my overview of consumer technology business models (a shortened version of the deck I use is available on Slideshare for download). I’m also offering a new one on the Digital Layer. But I’m also happy to develop custom presentations from scratch for specific needs. Pricing depends on location, preparation and delivery time, but starts at $2,500.
  • Retainers: I offer retainer agreements, both open-ended on an annual basis and limited to a specific number of hours, for clients who simply want regular access to me to pick my brain about whatever’s on their mind. This option has been used over the past year by companies as diverse as hedge funds, advertising firms, major tech companies and carriers. This is often a good fit for companies that have custom ongoing needs rather than wanting off-the-shelf research. 20 hours are available for $10,000, but I’m flexible about the number of hours and also offer unlimited agreements. Before the end of the year, I’m offering a 20% discount on my hourly rate.

Beyond all this, I’m always happy to take on custom consulting work, writing custom reports and more or less any other type of work that fits with my topic coverage and allows me to maintain my independence (i.e. I don’t endorse products or companies). If you’re interested in any of the above options, please contact me at jan@jackdawresearch.com or (408) 744-6244. And please have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.