Updated Android Auto and CarPlay support

This week, Apple updated its website with regard to auto makers’ support for CarPlay, and I’ve taken the time to update my charts and tables on support for both CarPlay and Android Auto (my previous post was here, and has much more analysis than this post, which mostly updates details).

Here’s the new master list:

CarPlay and Android Auto March 2015

The big changes are mostly on the CarPlay side, with Renault and the Volkswagen group (including VW, Skoda and SEAT) coming on board. Android added Opel in the interim, but I couldn’t see any others. This backs up Tim Cook’s assertion from the Spring Forward event this past Monday that all the major groups are now onboard. Interestingly, the main brands missing are still some of the high-end luxury sub-brands and specialty makers, including Tesla (which was the subject of questions and remarks from Tim Cook at the shareholder event this week). Apple Insider points out that the major Chinese manufacturers are also missing.

Here’s the summary by group, which hasn’t changed much.Car groups March 2015Finally, we still don’t know exactly which models and cars will have CarPlay in the near future – Tim Cook mentioned 40 models by end of 2015, but that’s not a ton in the grand scheme of things. I’m going to be heading to the New York Auto Show later this month, and keeping a close eye out for signs that CarPlay and Android Auto are showing up in more cars – both were conspicuously absent at CES.